About Us

The African Urban Community of Practice (AfUCP) is an “ecosystem” of urban development knowledge in Africa. It comprises of various platforms and resources seeking to improve dialogue among urban development practitioners and stakeholders in the African region through sharing lessons. The Community is an initiative of the African Urban Development Institute. After comprehensive research on the strategic planning of African cities and their technical capacity, the Institute identified disparities in knowledge on successful urban development approaches. As a result, setting up the Community is an effort to improve intra-continental policy transfer and resource sharing to improve cities in Africa.

The community comprises of a network of exclusive membership where members can connect and interact about various areas of urban development.

Various online forums make up the community where members can raise questions regarding urban development practice and the rest of the community engage

The community curates daily urban development news from across the continent and around the world. This keeps community members up to date with urban affairs and trends across the world to stimulate debate and make informed decisions in their areas of  practice

The community in collaboration with the African Urban Development Institute, publishes urban viewpoints by various urban practitioners on their perspectives from their daily practices and commentaries to unfolding urban development events

The community consolidate opportunities and events for its members providing one-stop-shop for updates on conferences, job opportunities and projects.


Contact Us

You can get in touch with us for any enquiries regarding the Community on the contacts below. For technical support on the community, please visit the Support page for assistance.

Email: community@africanurban.org
Tel: +27 11 0839248
Address: 292 Surrey Avenue, Randburg
Johannesburg, South Africa